Wine – an endless story

Wine has many meanings, stories, facets and thus always remains interesting and entertaining.

For some wine is “only” a drink, for connoisseurs wine makes a festive meal complete. Some see wine as a collector’s or speculation object and for many it is a statement and status symbol. There are infinitely many meanings assigned to wine. Is it cultural property, science, romance or philosophy?

It was more by chance that I came to the topic of wine and had the luck and the honour to work as a sommelière in the best restaurants and hotels and thus I had the pleasure of getting to know the most incredible wines and the most diverse people. I tasted many wines (I will never forget the Lafite 1895) and sold them. A lot of wine literature was devoured by me and numerous wineries were visited. During my studies at the WSET London and at the Wine Academy Rust realized how fascinating and infinite the subject of wine is.

By no means the best wine is the most expensive one. Sometimes an absolutely regular wine is the best wine for us at that moment, because we drink it in the best company and experience unforgettable moments. The great thing about wine is that it can be used and drunk in many different ways:

– Dinner companion

– Vertical professional tasting

– Blind tasting as game and challenge

– Wine tasting as team event

– Hobby

– Profession

– Status icon

– Investment

– Reason to meet friends

– etc.

For me, the wine connoisseur is not the person who knows the most about wines, but the person who enjoys the right wine at the right time and in the right way.

Also here on Mallorca the topic wine is incredibly fascinating. There are currently more than 90 wine producers, many varieties of native grapes and incredible and picturesque wine tours.

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